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Posted by Deb Smith | News | February 04, 2019

Could you agree that all the fancy new cars have LED headlights? Aside from the fact that they look trendier than the old yellow halogen headlights in your car, there’s also another reason to be jealous of them.

Due to advanced lighting technology, these LED lights illuminate the road ahead by projecting a further 60% to 70% increase in distance as reported by our customers. They also emit a white light uniformly across the front vehicle, making you more visible and safer on the road.

Talking about reliability… These LED heatsinks are far more reliable than fan cooled types which often fail. LED heatsinks absorb and disperse excess heat away from the LED diode, as too much heat can damage the LED, resulting changes in colour, lower light output and a decrease in life expectancy. 

  At Classic Modern Porsche we are able to offer H4, H1 & H7 LED (Plug-in play) upgrades for all Porsche 911’s up to and including the Porsche 997, which includes a 24-month warranty. It’s just like a beauty treatment, only for your Porsche, and it’s certainly worth the look!

Make sure to bring your Porsche to Classic Modern Porsche for your special headlight upgrade. Simply call us on 1300 356 911 to speak to us or click here to make a booking.





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